Account Development Manager

Job Summary:   Manage and service existing accounts.  Take orders, process orders and other perfunctory customer service duties.   Responsibilities also includes but are not limited to:  assisting other outside sales reps, account collection activities, distributing marketing flyers, delivering shorts, tracking customer promotions, price quoting, manufacturer’s rep ride-alongs, handling questions and complaints, etc.

This job requires intimate knowledge of company policies and its inner workings.  There will be constant interaction and direct contact with the company’s customer base as well as all departments within the company.  The job will challenge an individual’s skills as a tactician to maintain, surpass, or build customer satisfaction while keeping within the confines of company policies.



 Minimum Qualification:


  • excellent temperament
  • problem solving ability
  • capable of working independently
  • listens well
  • patient, understanding, and empathetic
  • exceptional people and communication skills
  • good with names
  • follows through
  • passionate about customer care
  • professional phone manners and skills
  • careful, organized and detail oriented
  • comfortable using a computer
  • able to type 40 wpm
  • prompt and regular attendance
  • knows how to use and get around the internet


 Work Schedule:  Monday – Friday   ( possibly Sunday, if necessary) 9:00am – 5:30pm  plus OT .


Salary:  To be determined on an individual basis.  Basic package: A starting minimum stipend plus commissions and yearend performance-based bonus plus other benefits to be discussed during the job interview.


Duties and Responsibilities:


  • answer daily phone calls
  • address customer concerns, complaints, questions, problems, etc.
  • demonstrate product and foodservice knowledge with emphasis on continuing education in this area
  • maintain and update call lists and associated notes
  • work up customer price quotes
  • work with buyers especially on special orders or special customer requests
  • order taking and inputting
  • handling add on’s or cancellations
  • cpu’s order taking and processing
  • check orders
  • run “shorts” to customers
  • knows Excel spreadsheet and Microsoft Words program
  • be able to plan ahead and set schedules of daily and future projects and assignments on Microsoft Outlook program
  • getting prices changes, flyers, specials, etc. to customers and sales reps
  • work on flyers, market faxes, mailers, and other marketing projects to be announced
  • track customer promotion programs
  • maintain rebate files
  • collections
  • maintain available product sampling list
  • requesting & issuing credit memos
  • assist any department in coveying issues or problems to customers
  • filing and clerical work where necessary
  • attend sales meetings and training sessions as required
  • flexible schedule—able to come to work earlier and stay later if necessary, especially, on special occasions
  • work with all departments and all team members
  • maintain customer data files & documents
  • any other duties or projects not listed here that may require your assistance




  • 2 years of College
  • Strong oral communication skills
  • Good writing skills
  • Versed in using all aspects of Microsoft’s Office Suite
  • Valid driver’s license — good driving record
  • Adroit at problem-solving and trouble shooting
  • Highly independent


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