Customer Service Inside Sales Representative

Job Summary:  Serves as a liaison or ambassador between Key Foodservices and its customers.  This job is considered an “inside” sales position.  As such, you will be compensated in wages plus commissions.  Aside from your primary function of handling sales calls on “House” accounts and soliciting new sales, you will also be expected to help answer incoming phone calls and redirecting calls to the appropriate department, handling customer complaints, assisting “Outside” sales reps, and other miscellaneous clerical tasks.  This job requires the individual to do everything possible to see that a customer is satisfied.  The customer service Sales Rep must understand and be able to convey to customers company policies which govern the relationship and the transactions forthcoming between the two parties.  In short, this job challenges your skills as a tactician to maintain and/or surpass customer satisfaction within the confines of company policies.



Minimum Qualification:


  • high school graduate
  • excellent temperament
  • problem solving ability
  • capable of working independently
  • listens well
  • patient, understanding, and empathetic
  • exceptional people and communication skills
  • good with names
  • professional phone manners and skills
  • careful, organized and detail oriented
  • comfortable using a computer
  • able to type
  • good math skills
  • prompt and regular attendance




Work Schedule:  Monday – Friday   9:00am – 5:30pm plus OT; with ½ hour unpaid lunch.




Salary:  to be determined — predicated on skill set and knowledge of the food service industry

Duties and Responsibilities:


  • answer and route daily phone calls
  • address customer concerns, complaints, questions, problems, etc.
  • demonstrate product and foodservice knowledge with emphasis on continuing education in this area
  • maintain and update call lists as well as the call list of the sales rep you are assigned to
  • order taking and inputting orders
  • handling add on’s or cancellations
  • cpu’s order taking and processing
  • order checker
  • work with Excel spreadsheet and Microsoft Words program
  • be able to plan ahead and set schedules of daily and future projects and assignments on Microsoft Outlook program
  • getting prices changes, flyers, specials, etc. to customers and sales reps
  • customer sampling requests
  • work on flyers, market faxes, mailers, and other marketing projects to be announced
  • track customer promotion programs
  • maintain rebate files
  • maintain available product sampling list
  • processing credit memos
  • working account receivable, clear payments, generate statements and aging printouts
  • assist any department in coveying issues or problems to customers and sales reps
  • A/R collection work
  • filing and clerical work where necessary
  • attend sales meetings and training sessions as required
  • flexible schedule—able to come to work earlier and stay later if necessary on special occasions
  • work well with all departments and all team members
  • any other duties or projects not listed here that may require your assistance (time permitting)
  • (optional)  visiting customers for sales and/or collections
  • (optional)  ride with outside sales reps
  • (optional)  ride with food brokers & vendor reps
  • (optional)  attending annual NRA food show 

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