Procurement Assistant

Job Summary:  Serves as a liaison between Key Foodservices and its vendors or suppliers.  Assist and compliments the procurement specialist (aka: Buyer) by aiding or helping with purchase orders, answering phone calls, meeting with vendor sales staff, order placements, product research, new product development, product marketing, product pricing, and numerous ancillary jobs which may include but not be limited to filing, tracking rebates, inventory updating, sales meetings, etc.  A primary function of this job involves task of handling accounts payables and interacting with the company’s sales staff.


The objective of this position is:


  • keep the sales staff informed and assist in helping them generate more sales
  • obtain the best prices possible from suppliers
  • work on rebates from suppliers
  • pay suppliers on time
  • maintain adequate stock on the inventory lines you buy
  • make presentations in sales meeting


This job will test your organizational skills and abilities at decision making and multi-tasking.  The procurement part of your job will challenge your understanding in the art and psychology of purchasing, while the accounts payable portion of your position will require you to draw from you math and logic skills as well as you clerical abilities to organize.



Minimum Qualification:


  • College degree
  • 2 year prior experience in purchasing
  • a background in food service
  • excellent temperament
  • good problem solving ability
  • capable of working independently
  • listens well
  • patient, understanding, and empathetic
  • exceptional people and communication skills
  • good with names
  • good verbal and writing skills
  • professional phone manners and skills
  • careful, organized and detail oriented
  • comfortable using a computer
  • prompt and regular attendance
  • good math and logic skills
  • can work with Microsoft suite of software products, especially, excel, words, and Outlook programs


Work Schedule:  Monday – Friday   8:00am – 5:30pm  plus OT  with ½ hour unpaid lunch.


Salary:  To be determined during the job interview.  Generally, pay will be commensurate with job knowledge and work related experience.


Duties and Responsibilities:


  • order placements
  • paying vendor invoices
  • inventory assessment and control
  • updating inventory status in the main frame
  • inventory cycle counts
  • maintaining vendor data files
  • scouting and interviewing potential suppliers
  • consolidating and reviewing vendor invoices
  • filing paid vendor invoices
  • work on vendor rebate programs
  • update product pricing in the software
  • update inventory counts
  • look for new product items
  • conduct spot inventory checks
  • answer and route daily phone calls
  • address customer concerns, complaints, questions, problems, etc.
  • demonstrate product and foodservice knowledge with emphasis on continuing education in this area
  • able to plan ahead and set schedules of daily and future projects and assignments on Microsoft Outlook program
  • maintain rebate files, reports, charts, etc.
  • samples procurement
  • approving credits
  • authorizing payment of vendor invoices
  • filing and clerical work where necessary
  • attend sales meetings
  • food shows
  • attend purchasing meetings and training sessions as required
  • flexible schedule—able to come to work earlier and stay later if necessary on special occasions
  • work well with all departments and all team members
  • assist or work on any other duties or projects not listed here (time permitting)
  • (optional)  generating new account sales
  • (optional)  visiting customers with sales and/or collections
  • (optional)  sales rep ride with
  • (optional)  attending annual NRA food show


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