gelato vs ice cream - what's the difference

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Ice Cream
For an ice cream to really be a true ice cream it must contain no less than 10% milkfat. Many low-fat ice creams and certainly all fat-free ice creams are not true to the definition.

Is the same as ice cream except with a higher concentration of egg yolks, making the dessert richer. It can also be called French ice cream.

Is known as Italian Ice Cream.  It can be made in the style of a premium ice cream , but it is distinct in that it incorporates less air than ice cream and tends to have a slightly lower butterfat percentage: 3-10%.  You can refreeze melted Gelato but not ice cream.

A frozen pasteurized mixture of fruit and water that can contain milk or another dairy ingredient. It contains between 1-2% milkfat.

Technically a sorbet is a water ice in terms of the FDA. Prepared the same as a sherbet except that it does not have to be pasteurized and it contains no milk or eggs, except possibly egg whites.


This dessert is an ice cream-like substance made with vegetable or animal fat instead of butterfat.