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Atlantic Salmon
Atlantic salmon is only farm-raised and is milder in flavor than its wild salmon relatives. The meat is moderately firm and oily, but not as fatty as that of the king salmon. Salmon is a wonderful fish to prepare in many different ways.


Squid, also known as calamari, is mild and has a subtle sweetness. The meat is firm yet tender, and a touch on the chewy side. Cooking squid is simple and can easily be frozen. Enjoy calamari deep-fried, grilled, poached or sautéed — the key is to cook this fish quickly to preserve its unique flavor.


A popular fish in Southern recipes, catfish comes to us from the Central United States, especially Mississippi. The firm, white meat of catfish is sturdier than most other white fish. Catfish has a delicate flavor and a small flake.


Cherrystone Clams
These East Coast hard-shell clams are excellent for cooking. Cherrystones are much like littleneck clams only they are slightly larger. The wonderful briny flavor of cherrystone clams makes them a good choice for eating raw or for steaming.


Chilean Sea Bass
This popular fish has a rich, melt in your mouth flavor.  The moderately oily meat is tender and moist with large, thick flakes.  When cooked, the meat remains white, compared in appearance to cod. Because of its simple bone structure, Chilean Sea Bass it is a wonderful fish to eat whole.


There are two types of cod:  Atlantic, which is local to the North Atlantic, and Pacific which is local to the North Pacific. Cod has lean, moist meat with a mild, clean flavor. The texture of cod is very delicate, which makes it difficult to grill. Cod’s large, tender flakes make this a lovely white fish to prepare.


Copper River King Salmon
Salmon are named from the river in which they come from and the Copper River produces excellent king salmon. The return of Copper River salmon in late May or early June marks the beginning of Alaska’s wild salmon season. The buttery, rich, flavorful taste and soft to firm texture of Copper River salmon makes it a favorite among our guests.


Eastern Oysters
Eastern oysters, which include famous bluepoint oysters, are known for their distinctive, salty flavor and meaty texture.  Many oyster lovers find Eastern oysters to be culinarily superior to other oyster species. The meat of the Eastern oyster is somewhat fatty, and ranges in color from creamy to light-brown.


You can find flounder worldwide and enjoy it cooked a variety of ways. Flounder meat is extremely delicate and is pure, white, lean, boneless and flaky. The flavor is very mild. The taste, texture and flavor of this popular fish can vary, depending on species.


Grouper has a mild, but distinct flavor, a cross between bass and halibut.  The taste of most groupers is similar, with slight differences in flavor and texture, depending on size, species and location of harvest.  Red grouper is sweeter and milder than black grouper.  The white meat has a very firm texture and heavy flake that remains moist. Grouper can be found worldwide in warm waters.


Gulf Shrimp
Gulf shrimp are flavorful and sweet with a firm texture. Shrimp is probably America’s favorite shellfish and is a superb entrée prepared in various ways. Gulf shrimp is usually wild and can be very large.


Very mild and sweet tasting, halibut is popular as steaks and fillets. This sweet-tasting, lean fish has fine-grained, dense meat and is flaky and tender, though still firm. Halibut is local to the North Atlantic and is the largest flatfish.


King Crab
If you are looking for seafood that is sweet, moist and rich look no further than king crab. This crab, found in Alaska, is huge; however, its body contains little meat. The king crab’s legs are where the best meat is found. King crab meat is a bit firmer and coarser than Dungeness crab meat. Once cooked, the spiky shell of the crab leg is a bright red.  The meat is snow white with a scarlet membrane.


King Salmon
If you are looking for a choice wild fish, look no further than the king salmon, which are the largest and top-of-the-line among Pacific salmon species. King salmon have a pronounced, buttery and rich flavor and can be enjoyed in a variety of ways.


Lake Whitefish
Whitefish is considered one of the best-eating freshwater fish there is. Because the fish lives in icy northern lakes, the meat has a high fat content. The meat is medium-firm with a large flake with a mild flavor that is more like salmon than trout.


Littleneck Clams
The smallest of the hard-shell clams, littlenecks measure in at just less than 2 inches across and are usually reserved for eating on the half-shell. The meat of the littlenecks is sometimes tough and has a briny flavor. Littlenecks are harvested year-round on the East Coast and in the Pacific Northwest.


A popular dish throughout the world, lobster is mild and sweet in flavor. The texture is firm and somewhat fibrous. The tail meat is firmer than the claw meat.  The meat is white with red tinges and is wonderful steamed, boiled or even grilled.


Mahi-Mahi is the Hawaiian name for dolphinfish. The sweet, mildly pronounced flavor of Mahi-Mahi is similar to swordfish. The lean meat is fairly firm in texture, though not steak-like, and it has large, moist flakes. It is important not to confuse Mahi-Mahi with the mammalian dolphin as it is not related in any way.


Blue mussels, found worldwide in temperate, shallow water, have a distinctive taste. Sweet and rich, the taste of blue mussels is similar to a blend of oysters and clams.  While mussels are a bit tougher than that of an oyster or clam the meat is plump and tender and makes a delicious meal.


Also called moonfish, opah is found in warm waters throughout the world. The Opah we enjoy in the U.S. usually comes from Hawaii. The pink to orange colored meat of Opah is firm and the flavor is pronounced.


Pacific Oysters
Pacific Northwest oysters, commonly grown on the West Coast, are mild and sweet, with a briny flavor and crisp texture. Pacific oysters have a distinct flavor that is usually not present in other oyster species. As with all oyster species, flavor depends on the waters in which it is grown. The meat of the Pacific oyster is creamy white, plump and juicy.


Rainbow Trout
Rainbow trout is possibly the best known of the freshwater trout species. This fish, which can be found in freshwater lakes and streams, has a flavor and texture similar to salmon. The meat is delicate and the flake is small.


Sea Scallops
Sea scallops are the largest commercially available scallops; however, they remain tender no matter what their size. The sweet, rich taste of sea scallops ranges from mild to briny. The meat is opaque white with a firm, lean texture. Sea scallops are available year round but their peak season is during the winter.


Red snapper is lean and moist, with a sweet, mild but distinct flavor. The texture of snapper ranges from soft to firm —it is the firmer fish that are perfect for grilling. Found worldwide, snapper is among the best fish to eat.


Soft Shell Crabs
The meat of the blue crab, which is found along the Atlantic and Gulf Coasts, has a rich, sweet, succulent and buttery flavor.  Soft shells offer a crunchy texture, since the shell is edible. Enjoy soft shell crabs deep-fried, sautéed or grilled.


Sturgeon has a mild, delicate flavor.  The lean flesh is firm and meaty, similar in texture to chicken breast or veal. This high quality fish is fished in the Pacific Northwest along the Southern Atlantic. Roe, or caviar, from sturgeon is excellent.


You will find swordfish worldwide, but they are most popular in the Mediterranean and United States. A terrific fish to eat, swordfish is moist and flavorful with a slightly sweet taste. They have a firm, meaty texture and are rich and juicy.


Many compare the taste of tilapia, which is a freshwater fish, to catfish. The texture of tilapia is slightly firm and flaky and the flavor is mild and sweet.


The walleye is one of the finest fish of all. This freshwater game fish has clean, white meat with a small flake. The mild, sweet flavor is excellent.


Yellow Perch
One of the most important freshwater fish of North America is the yellow perch. This wonderful fish has white, mild meat and a fairly delicate texture. Yellow perch are excellent cooked in a variety of ways.


Yellowfin Tuna
Reaching up to 300 pounds, the yellowfin tuna is also called ahi. Yellowfin tuna has a mild, meaty flavor and can be served raw as sashimi and in sushi. When cooked, it is firm and moist, with large flakes.


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