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Thank you for considering our extensive and diverse line of products. KEY FOODServices is a broad line distributor located in the heart of Chicago. We are a One-Stop Shop for all of your restaurant needs.

We carry: Fresh Produce, Meat, Seafood, Groceries, Frozen Items, Dairy, Disposables, Janitorial, Small-wares, Kitchen Supplies, Restaurant Equipment & More.

Hopefully you’ll find the product(s) you are looking for.  If not, feel free to contact us directly.  Please be mindful while it may be nearly impossible to carry on hand or to even find every conceivable food service item, we do try to accommodate every request for items we don’t already stock.

When placing a special request, remember to provide us with as much detailed information as possible.  Specific information such as a good description of the item, brand names, pack size of the case, name of the manufacturer, or even a picture can all be utilized by our buyers to procure the exact item your need.